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August 28. 2011

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Articles by Dr. A. Janov:

Boston church releases list of accused priests
By JAY LINDSAY — Associated Press

BOSTON — Cardinal Sean O'Malley on Thursday released a long-awaited list of priests accused of child sex abuse in Boston in the last 60 years, but he opted not to include certain priests, including ones who died without being publicly charged.

In a letter, O'Malley said 248 of Boston's priests and two deacons have been accused of child sex abuse since 1950. But he said he decided against releasing 91 of the names, including the deceased priests who weren't publicly accused; those working in Boston under religious orders or other dioceses; and priests named in unsubstantiated accusations that never went public.


Still More on Retrieving Memory and the Right Brain


The orbital frontal cortex, which is the cortex just behind the eye sockets, reaches maturity between eighteen to twenty-four months of age. The right OBFC receives feeling information on the right side of the brain, and helps code it; it also helps control feelings and, above all, is involved in retrieving feeling information and integrating it with the left OBFC. This is a big job. Thanks to the right OBFC, we can know what we feel, and feel what we know; if only it will inform the left prefrontal cortex about what it knows and feels.

The right OBFC receives feeling information from below, from preverbal memories, and then provides a high level coding system that labels the feeling. What is important about the OBFC is that it has representations from the depths of the brain. In this way, we can make a connection between the awareness, and what happened to us even before birth. That is consciousness/awareness.

Human Rights Act Abused By Appeal Judges Ruling Paedophiles Allowed To See Children Unsupervised

Whatever happened to Justice Against Paedophiles?

Once again the Human Rights Act has been abused by appeal court judges who have ruled that sick and depraved Paedophiles can have unsupervised access to their children because the ban which pevented them breached their human rights.

…Appeal judges ruled in favour of these depraved monsters following claims from convicted Paedophiles, Wayne Clark, Bryan Hall and Johnathon Dodd who complained that the Sexual Offences Prevention Orders denied them their human rights.

What about the Victims Human Rights?


Vatican releases priest work files

PATSY McGARRY, Religious Affairs Correspondent – Irish Times.

In an unprecedented move, the Vatican has published its internal files on an Irish priest accused of molesting boys in Ireland and the United States.

In an accompanying statement, a lawyer for the Holy See also condemned “those people who are too quick to make sensational and unfair comments” about its involvement in clerical sexual abuse.


Life Before Birth: The Hidden Script that Rules Our Lives

Psychology will need to push back the envelope to find the origins of countless adult personality problems, physical symptoms, and serious afflictions if Arthur Janov’s are borne out. In Life Before Birth he cites study after study showing how experience in the womb and at birth have enduring life consequences, laying the foundation for later life anxiety and depressive disorders, heart attacks, and cancer. During pregnancy and the first years of life, events are imprinted on the system and affect how aggressive or passive we will become, how despairing or optimistic we will be, and even how long we will live. The remarkable follow-up to the 1970’s international bestseller, The Primal Scream, will have a profound impact on psychotherapy as we know it, pushing back the focus of doctors to events during pregnancy that can no long be ignored.
published by:

Childhood Maltreatment Predicts Unfavorable Course of Illness and Treatment Outcome in Depression: A Meta-Analysis

Results: A meta-analysis of 16 epidemiological studies (23,544 participants) suggested that childhood maltreatment was associated with an elevated risk of developing recurrent and persistent depressive episodes (odds ratio=2.27, 95% confidence interval [CI]=1.80–2.87). A meta-analysis of 10 clinical trials (3,098 participants) revealed that childhood maltreatment was associated with lack of response or remission during treatment for depression (odds ratio=1.43, 95% CI=1.11–1.83). Meta-regression analyses suggested that the results were not significantly affected by publication bias, choice of outcome measure, inclusion of prevalence or incidence samples, study quality, age of the sample, or lifetime prevalence of depression.
Conclusions: Childhood maltreatment predicts unfavorable course of illness and treatment outcome in depression.

Uher said that the findings could help in the care of people with mental illness. "Whilst we still do not know exactly what type of treatment may improve the care of maltreated individuals, it may be that new treatments based on the biological vulnerabilities associated with childhood maltreatment could prove an exciting avenue for research." could help doctors develop new methods tailored to their "biological vulnerabilities."

Human rights violations in postwar Germany

The postwar German Government turned a blind eye to the injustice and severe abuse of over 800,000 children in state und religious institutions.

In spite of the new democratic law, accepted by the German people in 1949 and the commitment to Human Rights in 1948, 800,000 children were locked up in institutions between 1949 - 1975 without prior criminal convictions and/or proper court judgments.

While these 800,000 children and teens were in orphanages and reform schools, they were not only physically beaten, psychologically and sexually abused and used as guinea pigs, they were also used as slave laborers for Germany’s booming postwar industry and to boost the financial wealth of Lutheran/Protestant Christian and Catholic churches. Most of these youngsters endured Nazi style obedience training and weeks of isolation for disobedience. In addition, proper education was denied and the choice of learning a trade or choosing a career of their choice was out of the question.
All of these state and religious institutions were run like prisons. more

Association of Childhood Adversities and Early-Onset Mental Disorders With Adult-Onset Chronic Physical Conditions

A history of 3 or more childhood adversities was independently associated with onset of all 6 physical conditions (hazard ratios, 1.44 to 2.19).
Controlling for current mental disorder made little difference to these associations. Early-onset mental disorders were independently associated with onset of 5 physical conditions (hazard ratios, 1.43 to 1.66).

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