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Sept. 30. 2010

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Articles by Dr. A. Janov:

Protesters decry sex abuse law

Native Americans say limitation on lawsuits protects perpetrators at orphanage
A group of Native Americans who say they were physically and sexually abused when they were children at a Catholic-run orphanage in South Dakota voiced their frustration Wednesday in Sioux Falls about a new state law that puts limitations on lawsuits from abuse victims.

Former residents of the now closed Tekakwitha Orphanage in Sisseton gathered during a news conference in front of St. Joseph Cathedral, some sharing their accounts of abuse.

"There is a long, long history of rampant sexual, physical and emotional abuse of Native American children at boarding schools run by the Catholic Church," said Joelle Casteix, western regional director of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests. "We're here today to urge the public to do everything they can to make sure this law is repealed."

Archdiocese sued again over sex offender priest

Another lawsuit has been filed against Chicago’s Roman Catholic Archdiocese by another man who said he was molested as a child by defrocked priest and convicted child sexual abuser Daniel McCormack.

The John Doe suit accuses the archdiocese and Cardinal Francis George of ignoring allegations lodged against McCormack for years, leaving children vulnerable.

This most recent suit claims the victim was abused over a period of roughly four years, starting in the 2002-03 school year when the boy was in 8th grade and playing basketball for McCormack, the coach.


CNN anchor Don Lemon said he was sexually abused as a child

While interviewing three members of Bishop Eddie Long’s congregation over the weekend, CNN anchor Don Lemon said he was abused as a child.

Deaf Sex Abuse Victim Suing The Pope

One of Murphy's victims, Terry Kohut, has broken his silence about the priest, and seeks to sue the Pope for not acting against Father Murphy, due to the Vatican's "policy of secrecy," wherein they "…conceal sexual abuse of children."

When Father Murphy was finally removed from St. John's in 1974, he was relocated to northern Wisonsin, where more abuse allegations rose the surface.

Bishop Eddie Long hits back at sexual abuse allegations, tells church he'll 'fight very vigorously'

Bishop Eddie Long broke his silence on Sunday, taking the stage at his Georgia megachurch to hit back at allegations he used his status as a spiritual leader to sexually abuse four young men.

"I've been accused, I'm under attack. I want you to know, as I said earlier, that I am not a perfect man," the revered pastor told a cheering crowd of thousands at his New Birth Missionary Baptist Church. "But this is the thing, I'm going to fight."

In the last week, four men have come forward to allege that Long lured them into sexual acts against their will by giving them trips, cars, cash, and jewelry. One of the accusers also claims Long gave him a sleeping pill before engaging him in sexual acts.

Germany launches campaign for sexual abuse victims to speak out

In response to the child abuse scandal in the Catholic Church, thousands of German victims are being targeted by a new campaign that aims to end their silent suffering. The message is that talking helps.

In response to cases of child abuse within the Jesuit Order in Germany earlier this year, the government in March established the post of an independent commissioner and also set up a telephone hotline for victims to speak about their suffering and seek help.

Since then, about 2,500 Germans have made contact with her office, said commissioner Christine Bergmann, adding "some 60 percent of them have never previously talked about what happened to them".

On average, the victims were now "in their 50s", she said, with the abuse having taken place "mostly some 20, or sometimes even 40 or 50 years ago."

Clerical culprits

Almost 50 percent of sex abuse cases reported took place in German institutions, primarily in the Roman Catholic Church, as well as on a lesser scale in sports clubs and at schools.

"Ignoring bad things has a long tradition in Germany", Wenders said, "but this ignorance perpetuates the trauma and must be ended to prevent cases of sexual abuse from happening again."

Experts' roundtable

Round-table talks organized by the German government are scheduled to be held in November to discuss legal issues concerning sexual abuse, as well as medical and financial aid for the victims.

A group of victims who were sexually abused by members of the Catholic Jesuit Order said on Monday they would seek compensation payments of more than 80,000 euros ( $105,000) for each of the 205 victims.

AP - Dominican pastor suspected of abusing 30 children

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic — Prosecutors in the Dominican Republic are investigating claims that an evangelical pastor in the Caribbean nation sexually abused 30 children.

Daniel Vasquez has surrendered to authorities in the city of Santiago and declared his innocence. The 33-year-old pastor says the accusations were fabricated by members of his congregation who have been involved in a dispute with him.

The Rape Tax
Tangible and Intangible Costs of Sexual Violence
Michigan State University

This study examines the justice system's decision that sexual violence, particularly rape, is not an economic crime.
In 1996, rape and sexual assault cost Michigan more than $6.5 billion, most of which came in the form of intangible costs. Sex-offense homicide cost more than $18 million, two thirds of which was intangible costs. If divided equallyas a “rape tax,” each resident of Michigan would have paid nearly $700 in 1996 to cover the cost of sexual violence. Furthermore, rape and sexual assault need to be identified as a public health issue to raise awareness about sexual violence.

Sculpting the Brain
By Dr. Arthur Janov

How does a cross word by a father become a chemical in the child's brain? The angry words portend possible danger and rejection. There are clues in the tone of voice, the look, and the words themselves. What is going on inside the child is that the hypothalamic-frontal cortex axis is en­gaged to send messages to all other systems to be on the alert. This mes­sage is sent by chemical courier.
How does a loving look by the mother at her baby change the baby’s brain? It is responsible for the increased serotonin output that keeps him comfortable. When the traumas are severe and early enough the brain and particularly the brainstem, cannot manufacture enough. The setpoints may be altered.
Terror of the father now becomes permanent increases in stress hormone levels. The frontal area, now signaling extreme danger, interacts with the medulla in the brainstem to affect heart and lung function.
When warmth is expressed in the actions of a parent toward a baby, the baby's brain is suffused with opiates, resulting in a feeling of well-being in her. I have heard many of my patients cry out, "Show me that you want me, Mama!" In animal research, the loving handling of speci­mens just after birth increases the anti anxiety chemicals such as serotonin.

When a father never touches his infant, is impatient and angry, and demands obedience from a two-year-old, the frontal cortical neurons are going to be impaired, perhaps for a lifetime. Hugs and kisses during these critical periods make those neurons grow and connect properly with other neurons. You can kiss a brain into maturity.

The pope receives a muted welcome on his arrival in Britain

Pope Benedict XVI has landed in Scotland on the opening leg of his visit to the UK. The pontiff extended a "hand of friendship" to Britain, called for lasting peace in Northern Ireland and warned against a lack of faith.

At the start of the first papal visit to the UK in almost three decades, Pope Benedict XVI was greeted by members of the Royal Family and thousands of well-wishers in Scotland. While it was a friendly reception, it was a far cry from the enthusiasm that greeted the 1982 visit by his more charismatic predecessor, John Paul II.

Before touching down, the German-born pontiff admitted to reporters on board his aircraft that the revelations of widespread child abuse within the Catholic Church had shocked him.

"It is difficult to understand how this perversion of the priestly ministry was possible," Pope Benedict XVI said.

"It is also a great sadness that the authority of the church was not sufficiently vigilant and not sufficiently quick and decisive in taking the necessary measures."

Pope arrives in Britain, visit surrounded by controversy

Britain is preparing for its first papal visit in almost thirty years. The National Secular Society is one of those groups planning to demonstrate against Benedict during his visit.

"We're not anti-Catholic; we're anti-Pope," Terry Sanderson of the National Secular Society told Deutsche Welle. "And in fact we've had quite a lot of support from Catholics who are also appalled by some of the teachings of this present pope and the fact that rather than looking towards the future he seems to be taking the church backwards."

Dissatisfied with handling of sex abuse scandal
One key issue seems to unite all the protesters: the scandal about the sexual abuse of children by members of the clergy. Activist Peter Tatchell is calling on the Pope to open the Vatican files containing the names of some of the priests accused of abuse.

"The fact that he's insisted that these should be subject to papal secrecy is very disquieting," he said. "And I don't think he can be taken seriously as someone who opposes child sex abuse while he keeps those files hidden from the police authorities."

Victim's message to pope: Our souls were 'murdered'

Americans travel to U.K. to demonstrate against abuse 'cover-up'
LONDON — Wearing the dress she wore to her first communion and hands held together as if in prayer, the eight-year-old Therese Albrecht looks like a poster child for the Catholic Church.

The caption, which she added as an adult after years of depression, suicidal thoughts and psychiatric treatment, tells a different story: "Raped at age eight."

Albrecht traveled more than 3,700 miles from her home in Chicago with three other Americans — who all say they were abused by priests — to hold a silent demonstration. They allowed the childhood photographs of themselves and other victims to make their case.

Speaking from the Scottish capital's Princes Street as they waited for the pope to pass by, Albrecht told that she was sexually abused by a priest from the age of eight to 11 and also by a nun.


BBC News, Brussels
Verdict still out on Church's abuse stance
By Jonty Bloom

The Roman Catholic Church in Belgium has acknowledged that its clergy took part in the widespread sexual abuse of children for years and tried to reassure the public that it can help the victims and prevent further abuse in future.

Archbishop Andre-Joseph Leonard, the head of the Church in Belgium, said that after a report on the level and scope of the abuse was published on Friday, "a feeling of anger and powerlessness" had taken hold.

"The report and the suffering it contains make us shiver," he added.

But for all its soul searching, the Church has come up with few concrete proposals.

Thirteen victims of abuse are thought to have killed themselves and many others are still struggling with the trauma of being repeatedly abused and raped by those they were told to trust.


Belgian Church pledges to focus on abuse victims

The new head of Belgium's Catholic Church has pledged to focus on the victims of alleged sexual abuse in a first attempt to rebuild public trust.

Archbishop Andre-Joseph Leonard said that although the Church would not be able to offer immediate solutions, it would set up a victims' support centre.

An independent commission said abuse occurred in every diocese over decades and that some victims were infants.

Belgium church abuse detailed by Adriaenssens report

Harrowing details of some 300 cases of alleged sexual abuse by Roman Catholic clergy in Belgium have been released by a Church investigator.

Peter Adriaenssens said cases of abuse, mostly involving minors, had been found in nearly every diocese, and 13 alleged victims had committed suicide.

Two-thirds of victims were boys but 100 girls also suffered, he said.

Belgian media have accused the Church of seeking to hide abuse despite prosecutions of abusers.


BBC Newsnight
The Pope's Back Against the Wall

You Tube:

BBC Radio - Drama.

Hugh Costello's play explores how abuse was allegedly covered up by the Catholic Church.

We value the input of many contributing and empathetic people.

There is a great deal of knowledge out there about the long-term-consequences of abuse, among victims and non-victims.

Lately, however, AAaCWorld is bombarded with so called good advice, religious belief solution and/or Guru healing methods.

My answer to all this is:
It is inappropriate and dilettante to: discuss, comment or judge a situation or try to establish common knowledge, if no prior experience or knowledge of the subject can be verified.
The presented result can only be: incompetence, ergo not trustworthy.

Unless the arguer educate them selves to the full length of the subject and asks for clarity if needed, he/she can not be trusted in presenting any conclusions, discussion or comment.

So, do your homework first and please keep your biased five Cent worth opinion to yourself, until you have gain a certain level of understanding.

Sieglinde Alexander

A Never Ending Pain

In her article, A Never Ending Pain, Sieglinde Alexander recounts the unfortunate true story of her early life in Germany. If was an early life of physical and sexual abuse and even being sold as a slave by her mother. Later, institutionalized as incorrigible, her mistreatment was to continue at an Institute of Lutheran sisters (nuns).
Abuse heaped upon abuse, resulted in her persistent claustrophobia, and other severe psychiatric and other serious psychiatric symptoms. This mistreatment she endured resulted in continued incapaciting shame and rage towards those who had taken advantage of her, to suit their own masochistic tendencies.

Recent newspaper headlines have revealed the extend of child abuse both in Germany and Ireland. Sieglinde was a victim to the same type of mentality which caused her to endure every type of abuse imaginable. The human spirit cannot tolerate such lack of love and caring, without compensating with severe symptomatology.
At age 47 she wrote a published biography in which she recounts details of his psychological and physical abuse, titled, Haunting Shadows from the Past, which accounts her tragic past.
-- John A. Speyrer, Webmaster, The Primal Psychotherapy Page

Six Convicted of Sexual Crimes at Portuguese Children’s Home

MADRID — Six people were convicted of child sexual abuse in a Lisbon court on Friday, in a trial that lasted nearly six years and shocked people in Portugal and beyond.

A three-judge panel found the defendants guilty of raping and sexually abusing minors at a state-run institution for needy children, and of running a ring for pedophiles. A seventh defendant, charged with allowing her home to be used for sexual abuse, was acquitted.

The charges involved the rape and sexual abuse of 32 children who were residents of the home in Lisbon, part of a network of institutions for children called Casa Pia. The crimes took place in the 1990s, but they first came to light in 2002, when a former resident accused Carlos Silvino, a former driver and gardener at the home, of raping him.


THE truth about child abuse has long been obscured.

Many adults and institutions have used a range of weapons to silence children. The full extent of the lying and deception is still being uncovered.

Sadly, children make perfect victims. They are smaller and weaker than their abusers. They are easily intimidated by rapists and others who assault them.

Abusers have many allies, some unwitting, some very willing. Those prepared to defend children have often been hard to find. Medical interest in child abuse started fewer than 50 years ago even though, a century earlier, murder and abuse of children was regularly reported in newspapers. Even then, in mid-19th century Australia, there was a reluctance to use the full force of the law.


Paedophile priest given four years for abusing sisters

Pervert priest Fr Eugene Lewis, unanimously convicted of sexually abusing three sisters, was jailed for four years yesterday.
The priest abused the siblings as children in their Co Fermanagh home in a litany of attacks going back almost 50 years.
He was also placed on the Sex Offenders' Register for life.
He often visited the girls’ home at bedtime or on Saturday bath-night and even abused one girl in front of her father, his actions hidden by a large kitchen table.
He often abused the girls while telling them bedtime stories.

The Anxious Brain

On Episode Eight of the Charlie Rose Brain Series, a discussion of fear and anxiety with Antonio Damasio of University of Southern California, Kerry Ressler of Emory University, Joseph LeDoux of New York University, David Anderson of CalTech, and Eric Kandel of Columbia University


Attorney shares story of sex abuse by priest

Old tiles unleash a flood of memories
LANSING -- Vintage ceramic tile and linoleum in his new workplace led attorney Gregory Guggemos to recall his days at St. Vincent home for children in the 1950s, he said Tuesday.

Guggemos said he was abused at that home by its founder, Msgr. John Slowey, who led Catholic Social Services of Lansing.

He settled a claim against the Catholic Diocese of Lansing for $225,000 last month. He said he hopes telling his story will help his healing process -- and other victims of clergy abuse.

"I know now I did nothing wrong when I was at the orphanage. I have no responsibility for being sexually abused. I am a victim," said Guggemos, who formerly lived in Haslett.

His voice at times breaking with emotion, Guggemos read a 10-page statement at a news conference Tuesday detailing what he called the years-long process of recalling the abuse.


'I Am Hatred': What Turns Someone Into a Psycho-Killer?

"Secrets of Your Mind" Explores the Brains of Brutal Murderers
What turns someone into a vicious killer?

Is it purely a reflection of a dark or abusive childhood, or are you born with a brain wired for violence?

Researchers are studying the brain scans of murderers and psychopaths to find out.

"Every mean, vicious psychopath once upon a time, was an innocent young baby," said Dr. Adrian Raine, a neurocriminologist at the University of Pennsylvania

"It's only recently, with the advent of molecular genetics and brain imaging techniques that we have been able to peer into the minds of murderers really for the first time."


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